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With increased focus on electronic systems and control within aircraft, our experience includes flight critical coils for actuators, fuel bleed valves, inclinometers, control columns, solenoids and power supplies for various functions, including in-flight entertainment.

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Serving a diverse range of customers with applications such as inductive hearing loops through to pick-up cartridge coils, cross over coils and voice coils for renowned manufacturers of audio systems.

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NDE supply into both Tier 2, Tier 1 and OEM with a range of diverse applications for both heavy (truck) and light duty (passenger) vehicles.

Our products include coils and assemblies for fuel injection, air conditioning clutches, door latches, transmission actuation, and immobilisers. Specific NVH applications include coils for active engine mounts, active dampers and other passenger comfort solutions.

Communications Industry Banner


With an increasing reliance on communications, our applications include RF, RFID, telecoms, data-coms, aerials, and inductive charging.

These products are incorporated into varied applications such as aircraft ground control, electronic product identification and portable device charging.

Hydraulics Industry Banner


Many modern hydraulic systems are controlled using electronic feedback systems. Our experience includes coils for valve actuation, LVDT positioning sensors and joy stick control.

Medical Industry Banner


Applications for coils continue to grow with new technologies.

Our products are currently incorporated into specialist applications such as muscle stimulation, cardiograph, monitoring, dental and sterilising equipment.

Military Industry Banner


Our products are utilised in customer specific applications for use in diverse and demanding environments. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements further.

Pneumatics Industry Banner


Products include coils for pneumatic valve actuation and control.


Power Supplies

Products for a variety of power supply applications across all industries including telecoms, entertainment systems, X-Ray and PSU for both specialist and commercial applications in high or low voltage applications.

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A range of applications including coils, power supplies and transformers for highly specialist instrumentation in applications such as downhole technology (oil exploration), seismic and gas detection.

High precision applications for our products include CMM probe heads, microscopy, surface measurement coils, LVDT and instrumentation.

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Other Industrial

Our products are utilised in many applications varying from coin detection to lighting, linear actuation to condition monitoring, energy harvesting (vibration/sea/air) to heat detection and many more. Please contact us for more information or a quotation.