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NDE is a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 approved manufacturing facility supplying over 1500 product lines to global OEMs across a wide range of industry sectors.

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Our team offers many years of practical experience within the coil winding and electronics industry. A combination of employee expertise, loyalty and excellent staff retention levels mean that accumulated skills and knowledge are retained within the business; allowing us to continually support new projects, processes and production methods whilst remaining at the forefront of UK manufacturing.

We work very closely with all of our customers, as each individual has bespoke requirements for their project. Working from your technical drawings, we can assess the manufacturability at the initial stages, and provide on-site visits going forward.

Our customers can also benefit from commercial agreements such as consignment stock, ship to line and Kanban.

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With increased focus on electronic systems and control within aircraft, our experience includes flight critical coils for actuators, fuel bleed valves, inclinometers, control columns, solenoids and power supplies for various functions, including in-flight entertainment.


Serving a diverse range of customers with applications such as inductive hearing loops through to pick-up cartridge coils, cross over coils and voice coils for renowned manufacturers of audio systems.


NDE supply into both Tier 2, Tier 1 and OEM with a range of diverse applications for both heavy (truck) and light duty (passenger) vehicles.


With an increasing reliance on communications, our applications include RF, RFID, telecoms, data-coms, aerials, and inductive charging.


Many modern hydraulic systems are controlled using electronic feedback systems. Our experience includes coils for valve actuation, LVDT positioning sensors and joy stick control.


Applications for coils continue to grow with new technologies.Our products are currently incorporated into specialist applications such as muscle stimulation, cardiograph, monitoring, dental and sterilising equipment.


Our products are utilised in customer specific applications for use in diverse and demanding environments. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements further.


Products include coils for pneumatic valve actuation and control.

Power Supplies

Products for a variety of power supply applications across all industries including telecoms, entertainment systems, X-Ray and PSU for both specialist and commercial applications in high or low voltage applications.


A range of applications including coils, power supplies and transformers for highly specialist instrumentation in applications such as downhole technology (oil exploration), seismic and gas detection.

With many years of experience in assisting professional buyers to meet their objectives for quality wound products, NDE is one of the leading UK companies for coil winding and customised wound components.

Our expertise in the manufacture of wound products and electro-mechanical assemblies has earned us a reputation for quality parts at competitive prices.

NDE is a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 approved manufacturing facility which is equipped with modern automated winding, bonding, and soldering machinery. In addition, there are several NDE designed and built customer dedicated automatic production lines. We also offer specialist bobbin coil winding, solenoid coil winding and are happy to discuss any ongoing contract coil winding requirements.

UK Manufacturing Global Supply Extensive Capabilities

Prototype and production services for many types of coil wound products.

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NDE are leading choke manufacturers. All components are made to your custom specification, and for many applications.
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Custom Products and Winding

NDE specialises in custom wound coils and assemblies for diverse applications and industries.
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Electro-Mechanical Assembly

NDE offer an electro-mechanical assembly service to support our wound component customers.
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We pride ourselves on being one of The UK’s leading inductor manufacturers
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Self Supporting and Bonded Coil

Bonded coils and self-supporting coils.
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Semi Rigid Coax

NDE specialises in manufacturing semi-rigid coax components for both military and communication applications.
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NDE are one of The UK’s leading coil wound transformer manufacturers.
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Wiring Looms and Harnesses

Our wiring solutions consistently meet, and often exceed, the most stringent industry standards
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Custom Products and Winding

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Electro-Mechanical Assembly

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Self Supporting and Bonded Coil

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Semi Rigid Coax

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Wiring Looms and Harnesses

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