Products & Services

We offer prototype and production services for many types of coil wound products ranging from miniature wound components and assemblies up to 100 VA transformers.

We have a diverse customer base and supply the differing needs of each specialist sector – aeronautical, audio, automotive, communications, hydraulics, military, pneumatics, power supplies, scientific, medical and many others.

Low, medium and high volume requirements of precision wound components and assembly parts are welcome at NDE, with batches of 5 – 25,000 units per week on typical production runs.

Our production uses fully automated manufacture where appropriate. For small and medium volume batches, universal winding facilities are available using various types of machine that can minimise tooling and setting up costs.

NDE has a fully programmable thermal chamber with a range of -70°C to +180°C. Temperature cycling can be used to validate coil winding integrity and is particularly relevant when the coil may be subject to dynamic or adverse operational environments. The chamber can be used for steady state or cyclic testing of components or complete assemblies at any stage of build.

All relevant test data/records can be stored and retained at NDE, with all builds batch traceable. Any special requirements regarding records or traceability can also be accommodated.

NDE – Your reliable subcontract partner for precision wound components, assemblies, custom transformers and quality coil wound products to exact specification.