Product & Services


We offer prototype and production services for many types of coil wound products ranging from miniature wound components and assemblies up to 100 VA transformers. We have a diverse customer base and supply the differing needs of each specialist sector – aeronautical, audio, automotive, communications, hydraulics, military, pneumatics, power supplies, scientific, medical and many others.

Low, medium and high volume requirements of precision wound components and assembly parts are welcome at NDE, with batches of 5 – 25,000 units per week on typical production runs. Our production uses fully automated manufacture where appropriate. For small and medium volume batches, universal winding facilities are available using various types of machine that can minimise tooling and setting up costs.


Custom Products & Winding


NDE specialises in custom wound coils and assemblies for diverse applications and industries. We supply our customers with custom manufactured coils, transformers, toroidal winding, solenoid coils, chokes, inductors and electro-mechanical assemblies.


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NDE are leading choke manufacturers. All components are made to your custom specification, and for many applications.Our automatic winding machinery, supported by manual winding processes, where necessary, enable us to undertake every type of choke and inductor project.


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We pride ourselves on being one of The UK’s leading inductor manufacturers, our expert team can manufacture a wide variety of inductor. A recent addition to our factory was the Sipro MAB; a machine designed to wind single or multilayer air spaced coils made with round or square copper wire.


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Self Supporting and Bonded Coil


Bonded coils, self-supporting coils and semi-rigid coax components.


We manufacture bonded coils to many varied customer specifications. Wire diameters are typically between 0.028mm and 1.00mm.


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NDE are one of The UK’s leading coil wound transformer manufacturers. Our product capability extends from miniature custom transformers to 100VA transformers. We manufacture custom transformers for many diverse applications and from all common materials such as ferrite and laminated parts.


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Electro-Mechanical Assembly


NDE offer an electro-mechanical assembly service to support our wound component customers. A typical assembly will include a coil, transformer or special wound product and plastic mouldings or metal parts and other components such as PCBs, connectors and cable assemblies.


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Semi Rigid Coax


Small semi rigid coax components can be formed to your specification. Once formed the components can be temperature cycled at NDE to remove stresses and stabilise the component.


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