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Urgent Supply of Coils for Covid-19 Testing

Published - 30th Sep 2020

The UK Government is under increasing pressure to introduce new measures to keep the spread of the Covid-19 virus under control – especially during the winter months. Many different approaches are being utilised to help slow the spread of the infection and regular/mass testing is one of those methods.

NDE have recently worked with a South Wales based biomedical company who have designed a novel analytical system.
We first met this particular customer in 2017 and we helped them design highly accurate self-supported/bonded coils.
Fast forward to 2020 and we have just fast tracked a new order to enable them to help in the urgent fight against the pandemic.
The requirement for the coils mean that pairing coils must have nearly the exact same dimensions and we are proud to consistently achieve this across the batch of coils.

The analytical system uses magneto-optical technology to observe the properties of nanorod reporters in blood samples for diagnosing various illnesses.
Rather than sending samples to a laboratory, their system can be delivered and used at a Point-of-Care/Need.
The coils will be built into new systems and then trialled in their effectiveness in diagnosing Covid-19.
Successful trials will require an urgent supply of more coils which will help to increase the UK’s capacity for testing.
We are well prepared for this event.

If you are working on any urgent projects, whether Covid-19 related or not, please contact us and we will see how we can best help you.