NDE was formed in 1974 and is now part of Goonvean Holdings Ltd. Our 1650 square metre manufacturing facility is located in Braunton, and with a workforce of 90+ people, we are one of the largest employers in North Devon.

Our team offers many years of practical experience within the coil winding and electronics industry. A combination of employee expertise, loyalty and excellent staff retention levels mean that accumulated skills and knowledge are retained within the business; allowing us to continually support new projects, processes and production methods whilst remaining at the forefront of UK manufacturing. We work very closely with all of our customers, as each individual has bespoke requirements for their project. Working from your technical drawings, we can assess the manufacturability at the initial stages, and provide on-site visits going forward.

Our customers can also benefit from commercial agreements such as consignment stock, ship to line and Kanban.

Production Capacity

With factory premises of 1650 square metres and over 90 people employed; NDE have the capacity to run batches from 1 to 60,000 units per week.

Our medium and low volume offers:

  • Universal winding and assembly facilities
  • Simple set-up
  • Minimum tooling

Our high volume offers:

  • Fully automated high-volume production
  • Wind, bond, solder, terminate, lead cut, assemble and test



  • 2, 4, 6 and 8 spindle automated winding & terminating
  • Single spindle and hand winding
  • Auto dip and hand soldering
  • Inductive soldering
  • Component assembly
  • Injection moulding
  • Laser marking
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Temperature cycling
  • Test

Quality Testing

NDE has a reputation for quality wound products and electro-mechanical assemblies.
Test facilities/equipment range includes:

  • Computerised test and inspection
  • Magnetics analysers 20Hz to 3MHz
  • Inductance (L), Impedance (Z), Resistance, Capacitance, Q, Phase angle etc.
  • Turns testing
  • ATE: Inductance, turns, phase Resistance, IR
  • Hipot testing: AC to 5kV, DC to 6kV
  • IR Testing 2to 1kV


NDE manufactures coils using enamelled copper winding wire to international standards generally in the range of 2.00mm diameter and smaller. We can offer bifilar, trifilar, Litz and rectangular wire windings, as well as aluminium wire/aluminium coated copper wire windings.
We offer comprehensive, delicate, precision winding techniques for specialist applications. We have the capability to wind small gauge wire down to 28 microns. This extends to bondable wire as well as regular enamelled wire. Smaller diameter coil leads can also be skeined to provide strength to the termination.
NDE also provide semi rigid coax forming solutions including thermal cycling stabilisation.
Our technical team are available to assist and participate in the design and development with the customer’s own engineers. NDE’s commitment to partnerships with all customers ensures that competitively priced components are selected for each application. We can also support customer nominated suppliers on request.
For more information on how we can provide your company with prototyping, product development or coil winding services, please contact us today.