Please contact us if you have an enquiry, require assistance or advice regarding any NDE product or service or if you simply wish to ask for more information about us.  Feel free to get in touch by telephone or email. We hope to hear from you soon.

Sales office email:

Jeremy Hams General Manager /
Sales Manager
DD: 01271 818361
M : 07788 718774
Ian Cudmore Procurement Manager DD: 01271 818362
Jim Jeffery Engineering Manager DD: 01271 818363
Tim Lockwood Operations Manager DD: 01271 818364
Chris Marchant Quality Manager DD: 01271 818365
Daniel Thomas Technical Engineer DD: 01271 818368
Owen Watson Sales Administration DD: 01271 818360
Judith Tomlin Sales Administration DD: 01271 818367
Ronnie Ellaway Business Developer DD: 01271 818369