A ‘tension’ to detail …

As part of our continued investment and development, we have recently purchased and installed two Dual Servo Driven Wire Tensioners.

Wire tension is one of the most critical parameters of any coil winding process, having an influence on product characteristics, particularly DC resistance of the wire. Wire tension control devices are therefore required to ensure constant wire tension, as the wire speed can change during the coil winding process.

Moving forward in the industry is vital. The complexity of some of the components we manufacture, makes investments of this type a necessity. Being able to manufacture faster, as well as reducing set-up times, made these additions an easy choice. A matrix that accompanies the units provides added benefits such as; programme saving, tension altering and wind continuity.

Traditional winding methods are still required daily, however, when an opportunity arises to improve how we work and helps our continual efforts to ‘lean manufacture’, we are always front of the queue to move forward.

Key features

  • 5~1500g(cN) Wire diameters 0.04~0.5mm (52~24 AWG) resolution +/- 1g
  • 1~200g(cN) Wire diameters 0.015~0.12mm (52~24 AWG) resolution +/- 0.1g
  • Feeding speed range 0,1 ÷ 25 m/s – 6 ÷ 1500 mt/min
  • LWA function: exact wire consumption measuring (Length Wire Absorption) – resolution of 0.1 mm.
  • Programming – CWF 2000 Editor / CANBUS / User Interface 485.

auto tension winder